05 April 2008

Left Behind

Sank below..

Faded eyes..

And despair..

03 April 2008


Let's call this good friend of mine P..

Yesterday P told me something, something bout his friend who is my friend too, M..
And that something, is a M's secret..

How can P know? P heard this from A who is a good friend of D, and D is a good friend of M..

Yes, so D told A about M's secret coz A is a good friend of D, and then A told that to P, and finally reached me WHO is actually had known about that before.. But I pretended that I haven't known yet..

Is that they called a Circle of Trust?? Me, not!
Better for me to say nothing about this to M..

And now I'm wondering about a thing which is maybe the same with what you're thinking now...